What You Can Do
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     Donate Used Books, DVDs, etc.
     Donate Money
     Major Gifts - Bequests and Named Funds
     Commemorative Gifts - Memorial, Honorary
     Donate New Books, DVDs, etc.
     Donate Equipment or Furnishings
     Donate to Summer Reading Programs
Thank you for thinking of us!

Donating Used Books, DVDs, etc.
Donations are accepted year-round, any time that the library is open.         
Please call if you have more than 4 boxes to donate at one time (508-393-5025 x6).     
Please do not put donations in our book drops or outside!     
Donations are sorted by the Friends of the Library, and either sold at our book sales, online, or at our on-going Book Sale shelves in the library.     

The library accepts donations of

            Hardback and paperback books     
            Music CDs     
            playable video games     
            Textbooks newer than 2000     
                                                in a condition acceptable for re-sale     
We do not accept donations of    

Reader’s Digest condensed books

- donate to "Savers Marlborough”

Textbooks published prior to 2000

- donate to "Savers”


- recycle


- too outdated – discard with trash

Books with smoke, mold, mildew, or insect damage

-discard with trash

Coloring books that have been colored in


Workbooks that are half-completed


Sticker books without stickers

-discard with trash

Chewed baby board books

-discard with trash

VHS movies

Vinyl record albums


Puzzles or games


www.Savers.com – Savers has opened stores in Marlborough and Worcester, and they accept book donations:  222A East Main Street, Marlborough, 508-485-5191.
Donate Money
Checks should be made payable to the Friends of the Northborough Library. For substantial donations (over $5000), checks should be made to the Trustees of the Northborough Library.  (See section on major gifts.)
Major Gifts - Bequests and Named Funds
 If you would like to have a lasting impact on the library and its ability to offer materials, programs, and services that otherwise cannot be funded with the library’s regular budget, consider a major donation. Such donations are usually given with the intent of investing the principal and spending only the interest. Our Trustees oversee a small endowment, which consists of general trust funds and named funds. Trustees reserve the right to add small donations to the general interest fund rather than keep them as separate accounts. 
Here are some ways of establishing a named fund:
  • Donate a lump sum (for example, $10,000)
  • Leave money in your will (a set amount or percentage of the estate)
  • Start a fund with the written intent to add to it over your lifetime or in your will
  • Name a trustee (often a law firm) to oversee a fund with distributions to the library
You may designate how you would prefer your funds to be used. The Library Director would be happy to discuss ideas with you. Keep in mind that general guidelines are more helpful than those that are restrictive (funds for multi-cultural programs and materials, as opposed to CD-ROMs in French for five year olds). Trustees reserve the right to refuse funds that are overly restrictive or do not serve the library’s mission.
Existing major gifts are from Edwin Proctor (horticulture and natural history), Martha Kobayashi (programs and services for children and seniors), Margaret E. Sherman (special projects), and Elizabeth Benoit (large print books and programs for seniors). 
Commemorative Gifts - Memorial, Honorary

You can donate funds to purchase a book (or other item, such as a CD, DVD, audiobook, etc.) in memory of a person who has died, in celebration of a birth, in observance of a milestone (graduation, wedding anniversary), or other such occasion. We will place a Book Plate in front of the book. (Other media types may not lend themselves to this.) Suggested wording includes:

           "Given in Memory of John Smith, 1930-2005, by Susan Smith.”
          "Given to celebrate the birth of Isabella Johanna, born October 10, 2008.”
          "In honor of Tom Jones’ 50th birthday, from his wife.”
          "Happy Anniversary, Dick and Jane, July 1, 2007.”

We welcome suggestions of a topic or title that would suit the honored person, subject to the library’s usual selection guidelines. Though most library materials have a limited shelf life due to wear, loss, or other factors, the gift lasts longer than a bouquet or dinner out!
Donate New Books, DVDs, etc.
If you have a book you would like added to the library's shelves, please contact the department directly, 508-393-5025: Children's x4, Teen x7, or Adult x5.

Please contact a librarian when considering a donation of an actual book or other item (as opposed to a monetary donation to purchase materials). The library adds new material according to our selection policy based on need, suitability, and other criteria. When donating money for new purchases, the library welcomes suggestions but reserves the right to select the actual titles.
Donate Equipment or Furnishings
Contact the Director or another librarian if you wish to donate new or recent (and working) computers, or other equipment or furnishings. The library reserves the right to refuse items not currently needed. Monetary donations toward purchases of new equipment or furnishings are always welcome.
Donate to Summer Reading Programs