The library will be closed on Wednesday, June 19 for Juneteenth.

Geocaching Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to our Geocaching page! This event is part of the Read Beyond the Beaten Path Summer Reading Club.

Here you'll find information on all 12 of our hidden geocaches, including trail information, coordinates, pictures and hiding place hints. Happy hunting! To view, download and print our Geocaching Passport, click here.


1. Mt. Pigsah

Parking across from 19 Smith Rd.

From the parking lot, take the Loop Trail on the right. Cache is hidden in the structure in the photo.

42.35893° N, 71.67132° W





#2. Green Street CR

Parking on the left, right before 122 Green St.

Very tall grass on this trail! Either trail direction will lead you to the spot in the photo. Cache is hidden behind the rock in the photo. 

42.34110° N, 71.66380° W





#3. Cold Harbor Trail

Parking entrance just after 386 W. Main Street.

This is one of the longer hikes. Hike across the man-made path. When the trail forks, take the left fork. The cache is hidden underneath the bushes to the left as you come down the hill in the photo, right before you enter onto a field.

42.31058° N, 71.66308° W (Updated coordinates)





#4. Assabet Park Trail

Parking available in the park lot.

A very hilly, rocky path. Cache is hidden just past story walk post #5.

42.31725° N, 71.64394° W





#5. Edmund Hill Trails

Parking across from 62 Allen Rd.

Cache is hidden past marker #5, and is a little off the trail to the right at the stream, hidden behind the fallen tree.

42.33216° N, 71.63476° W





#6. Watson Park

Parking at 35A Lyman St.

A newly paved parking lot! The trail is a relatively narrow pathway through thick trees. Cache is hidden in the crux of the tree.

42.31689° N, 71.61459° W





#7. Stirrup Brook Trail

Parking across from 413 Main St.

A lovely shaded hike! Cache is hidden under the bridge in the photo.

42.33081° N, 71.60886° W





#8. Coyote Trail @ Yellick

Parking lot across from 255 Hudson St.

My favorite hike! Lots of tree roots on the path and pretty buggy so wear bug spray! Follow the trail along the river. The trail cuts across a muddy patch to the left. The cache is hidden behind the tree on the left in the photo.

42.33406° N, 71.62568° W





#9. Crane Swamp @ Mass Wildlife Management Area

Parking entrance on the right, just after 187 Lyman St.

Park at the orange gate with the Mass Wildlife signpost. Trail is reasonably accessible with a low grade incline. Hidden in the brush to the left.

42.27140° N, 71.60806° W





#10. Jubilee Trail

Parking available about 300 feet onto Jubilee Rd. on the left.

Trail begins just a few feet up Jubilee Rd. on the left. Cache is hidden across from trail marker #4.

42.30704° N, 71.67679° W





#11. Juniper Brook Trail

Parking between 3 & 6 Juniper Lane. A short hike will take you to a low rock wall. Cache is hidden in the rock wall to the left.

42.30088° N, 71.62915° W




#12. Northborough Library

Parking in the library lot. Look under the back corner of the shed!

42.31866° N, 71.63990° W